Jeanneau 469

Sun Odyssey 469 Yacht

What an addition to the Sun Odyssey line up, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469. Hull designed by Philippe Briand, this model is powerful, well balanced and extremely modern. With her elegant sleek lines she combines a long waterline length and a hard chine for speed and comfort. One of the many key features aboard this yacht is the large cockpit. she has a full size function table big enough to hold any party. The fold-down transom aft allows very easy access to the cockpit area.

A sleek unhindered deck with curved windows, flush panels to aid the look and integrated running rigging sets this Yacht apart from the older boats. Where ever you go in the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 heads will turn, you will be noticed!

Below deck the Jeanneau team once again has thought through the many needs of the serious Yacht person, family man, and even party animal, not forgetting the most important lady of the ship. Every scenario has been carefully worked into this space, and although there are always compromises, this is an interior that will excite everyone. there were many requests from Jeanneau owners and dealers to add more opening ports to the new range. Jeanneau have been listening and responded by adding a multitude of ports and hatches for ventilation and light n the Sun Odyssey 469 . Three distinct zones in the saloon allow each to be used independently without constricting movement throughout the interior space. Jeanneau have included many of the features found on the larger Sun Odysseys into the 469. There ate also plenty of choices for interior layout, sail plans, keel and fabrics. This wide range of choice will allow each owner a high level of personalisation.

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